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A Bollywood Bride

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

It was a gorgeous early June day at Stanley Park in Massachusetts. The warm sun brought a raft of ducks across the cobble bridge to a nearby pond where visitors could sit and watch as they splashed around. Within the park was a charming ceremony consisting of only the bride, groom, and their four closest friends.

As the bride made her way down to the beautifully scenic area, her eyes met her future husbands as they shared a loving smile.

The couple read their personal hand written vows to one another, filled with promises of love and trust.

The brief ceremony ended with a kiss as a symbol of their devotion to one another.

After the ceremony, the group shared hugs and words of congratulations. They gathered for photos where they had a bit of fun coming up with their own posing ideas.

It is always exciting when groups are willing to have a good time with their photos. The memories that we create when capturing something silly is often what we hold onto and remember the most when the day is all over.

After group photos and couple portraits were complete, I stole the bride away to take some portraits of her wonderfully unique wedding attire. She explained to me that her love of Indian culture brought her to Sikhi and an adoration of Bollywood style which she drew inspiration from, including those elements to pay homage to a culture that has brought her so much joy.

Her traditional headpiece, known as a maang tikka, is worn for a bride to concentrate on her spiritual eye. She wore a beautiful set of chooriyan (bangles) around both wrists, adorned a traditional necklace, and had henna drawn on both hands.

Henna, known as mehndi, is associated with good luck and positive spirits.

The group moved to a grassy area in the sun where they relaxed while playing a few rounds of croquet before heading to the reception.

Friends and family were gathered at Keney Park in Connecticut, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Mr. and Mrs. The couple was announced as they made their way around, visiting everyone that came to celebrate their special day.

The quaint reception provided an intimate feel for all who attended. Toasts offering words of love, friendship, and family were read aloud, a delicious buffet was served, dances were shared, and the cake was cut.

Thank you so much to Ken and Carissa Cowette for allowing me to capture your special day. You have proven that all you need on your wedding day is your love for one another, faith, and a handful of special people to bear witness.

ਤੁਹਾਡਾ ਧੰਨਵਾਦ

June 9, 2019 - Stanley Park Westfield, MA - Ken & Carissa Cowette

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