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I'm Known For My Faces

It was a hot and humid day at the beautiful Open Door Farm. Inside the farmhouse on separate floors, the bride and groom put on their finishing touches as they prepared for their first look. A quaint barn provided the scenic background for a private meeting ground. The groom was set in place waiting for his beloved bride to be as she made her way over in a gorgeous lace covered gown holding locally hand picked sunflowers. It was set to be a perfect, picturesque country wedding. The bride smiled with anticipation of her soon to be husbands reaction.

When he turned around, a smile filled with love and happiness spread across his face.

As the camera snapped away, I noticed the groom had very pronounced facial expressions that emulated both joy and provided entertainment for the bride. I laughed as I showed them some of the shots on the back of my Canon. They both looked at each other and giggled while the groom explained that he is known for his many amusing faces.

We began with our couple shots, allowing for them to later enjoy their close friends and families company after the ceremony. It is hard to describe the pure love these two have for one another. I had only met with them once before, as they reside in Ohio, but I can tell you with confidence that their love is one you only read about in romance novels and fairy tales.

Shortly after the couple portraits, family members began making their way outside for their turn to be captured. Parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews all gathered to have their photo taken with the future Mr. and Mrs. First up were the brides two daughters. It was easy to see that mom and her daughters had a special bond.

And of course the brides sisters were up for some fun!

Family rotated through as we captured those that hold a special place in the bride and grooms lives. Guests began to arrive as the bride made her way back inside the house. A guitarist played acoustic tunes while friends and family found their seats.

The bride and her daughters made their way down the aisle, eyes filled with tears of joy. A brief ceremony turned into cheers as they shared their first kiss.

Followed by a happy dance and of course, more faces.

After the ceremony, a cocktail hour was held inside the house where an array of hors d'oeuvres were waiting to be devoured in the cool a.c.

An hour passed when guests were ushered back to the barn where the reception would be held. A three tier cake made by one of the brides sisters was elegantly displayed, decorated with fresh sunflowers.

The bride and groom were announced into the barn where they had their first dance. Guests looked on as the room filled with an energy of love and excitement for the newlyweds.

The bride shared a heartfelt dance with her daughters, and the groom shared one with his mom.

Shortly after, speeches were made by friends and family. Stories were shared and advice was given, often erupting the room in bouts of laughter and tears.

The entire day was filled with so much love and joy. This family welcomed me into their home and their lives to capture one of their most important days together. I am honored that they trusted me with their precious memories that they can look back on for the rest of their lives.

Thank you Jon and Angela Hale for hiring me to capture your big day, and to your families who made me feel like one of their own. Also thank you to Open Door Farm for providing a gorgeous country style wedding that photographers dream of. I will not soon forget the love that was shared on this day.

July 13, 2019 - Open Door Farm Hampton, CT - Jon & Angela Hale

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