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Papa's Girl

It was a warm Saturday evening when I received a message from a good friend asking if she could hire me to take a few photos the following Tuesday evening. In the past this wonderful family has commissioned me for maternity, newborn, and family portraits, so I was excited to see what they had in mind. I happily agreed, inquiring what kind of shoot they were looking to do. She forwarded a selfie wearing the biggest smile while showing her ring finger adorned with a beautiful pearl ring. Along with the photo, she told me that ever since her father passed away, she always wanted her papa to give her away if she got married. "He's bed ridden now," she said, "so we are going to have the smallest ceremony in my grandparents living room and get married."

I would be lying if I said I didn't cry reading her reply. Being her friend, I knew how much she had gone through with her papa recently with surgeries and being placed in various nursing homes. Every Wednesday she would take the time to drive out to wherever he currently was with her grandma so they could spend time with him. He was now home on hospice and she wanted to make the most of their time left together.

With only 2 days to plan, she got to work. A local restaurant provided delicious catered food, wild flowers were picked by her cousin for the elegant bouquet, a beautiful wedding cake was crafted by Sara Howley, and a gorgeous crocheted wedding dress was amazon primed arriving only hours before the ceremony.

As family gathered outside for the exchange of rings and vows, an intimate ceremony was performed inside with Papa, allowing him to give away his girl on her most special day.

The bride and groom then made their way outside, greeted by their loved ones as Papa watched through the picture window. A quaint ceremony was held as they said "I do."

After the ceremony, their little boy ran over to celebrate in their happiness.

The rest of the evening was time spent as family, rejoicing in each others presence and sharing memories of the past.

Thank you Kelsie & Dan Wolfburg for not only trusting me with your big day, but inviting me into your lives to share life's precious moments with you. Your emphasis on family being first and foremost is an admirable quality that often lacks in today's society. I am truly honored that you have chosen me to capture all of your special moments throughout the years. I wish your family all the happiness in the world.

July 9, 2019 - Papa's House Plainfield, CT - Dan & Kelsie Wolfburg

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